Bra Size chart

How to find your perfect bra size


Measuring your bra size consist between two steps

When the bra fits

when you are wearing your best bra fit then you feel more comfortable , confident and ofcourse looks sexy. here are some tips about bra fitting  


The band

  • Always choose your best fit bra.
  • Always try a tighter hook that tights your back.
  • Always use a soft band.

The cups

The cups:

  • The cup ought to contain the entire bosom, on the off chance that you are jutting over the top attempt the following size up.
  • On the off chance that the cup is wrinkled, attempt a cup littler for example on the off chance that 34C is too huge, attempt 34B.
  • Consolidate the cup size with your band estimation, and you have your last bra size.


The ties:

  • Ensure the ties are loose- you can fix them later if you have to.
  • Lashes shouldn’t be so close they delve into your shoulders, yet there ought to be no leeway.
  • On the off chance that the band is excessively high, the bra can’t offer appropriate help, try a littler band size or fixing the ties.

The underwire:

  • The underwire (if appropriate) ought to encompass your bosoms.
  • Tissue getting away from the cup is a sign the fit is off. Wires or not, your bosoms should feel completely contained inside your bra.
  • When wearing an underwire, the wire should lay level against your breastbone, its popping up that you choose wrong size.